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Article/Guide: Speaker Comparison Guide Dec 27 08

 Posted - 1/8/2009 2:24:03 PM  - Show Profile  Edit Message

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Article Title: Speaker Comparison Guide Dec 27 08
Category Resource Page: Speakers

X-540 - Only $69CAD today at Best Buy
I liked these, read three big reviews and a bunch of others and I really like these speakers from everything I read - 5.1 sound, I had to work really hard to find a bad review. However...The one disadvantage of it is that by design when you plug in your headphones into the remote the volume control does NOT work. This is not what I want - if I hookup the L/R audio on my Samsung LN19A450 I absolutely can't control the volume at the source - and either way I like to be able to control the volume on my headphones, especially with this as a TV. You always get those crazy far-too-loud-commercials and other times when you just want to turn it down. With this system you just can't. You have to add in a whole new volume control mechanism which completely eliminates the purpose of this one imho. I know almost all other control units operate the Volume Knob even on headphone mode (my VS2421s certainly do!) - so this unintuitive UI aspect killed things for me unfortunately.
(Ref for problem: http://www.overclockersclub.com/reviews/x540/, http://forums.techgage.com/showthread.php?t=1267)
Also 9W 'off' power usage?
- Checked has better RF Sheilding - Just turn off its power bar when done using (Got a second power bar just for this and other devices I can turn off)

G51 - $130
- Not a fan of the design of the satellites, and it was so much more in terms of price
- I did like the individual control of the various types of speakers, but I'd like even more control of each speaker seperately - now that would be truely useful for me.

Z-2300 - Nice but outside my price range - way, way outside

VS2421 - $45CAD @ Canada Computers
- Remote :) w/Volume Control + Aux input
- Otherwise like the VS2420s which I like
- No RF sheilding! - 5/10 reviews of the VS2421 noted that it had this problem, the X-540 didn't have any complaints at all

- get a X-540
- Keep the Volume control disabled feature
- Turn off the speakers with the volume switch if I want to
- connect the output both TV and computer to a splitter at the headphone out port on the X-540
- boom done, now I have output I want. To hear the PC on the TV just have a splitter going to the Speakers. If I want the PC audio on the Speakers I plug in the cable, otherwise both headphone outputs come to my custom sound volume setup.

Splitter1: PC+MyHeadphoneSystemIn
Splitter2: TV+Splitter1 located directly after TV audio output
Option 1. Spitter1 alone: Headphones play PC Audio
Option 2. Plug Splitter1 into the TV headphone out: Hear both TV and PC through headphones
Option 3. Plug Splitter1 into Splitter2: PC+TV on Speakers and Headphones both with seperate volume controls

VS2421 Strange: On partial inerstion in Option 2, I get full volume audio from headphone port on speakers (v odd) - In this case volume control on VS2421 had no effect
- Result only insert are Speakers off
- Also: with VS2421 the volume on headphone goes way down when the speakers are on and I am connected with my splitter in the port

Better this way since I do not need to turn on the powered Speaker system to get TV audio and I do not have to worry about accidentally leaving the speakers on when I just want to listen to my PC privately. I also can leave the speakers off or with vol 0 when I don't want to use them. I don't need to use the headphone port on the master controller at all. I can just use the Option 1+3 and save power, only turn on the speakers when I want to.

Devices I can turn off: Lamp, Speakers, USB assorted, TV (time set auto - Just turn it off Wide in the morning)
Devices I can't turn off: Modem, Router, A696 Charger, Cell Charger, USB air ionizer, Phone Charging stand

Results, my speaker setup worked and saves power

Nice subwoofer boom
Cords long enough, except for the right/left - Rears were extra long and worked no problem
Sound good
Actually having both the VS2421 running with the X-540 was quite good, it seemed to fill in all the holes. That would have been a ~$120 system and I might as well have upgraded for that price :p
Once I put the X-540 alone in, with all 6 speakers I have to say it has some great thump and sounds great, especially considering the price I paid. I know its been cheaper in the past, but $63 CAD with the discount + price match was great
- No clicks/noises on on/off (unlike VS2421s)
- No Radio Interference as expected.
- Remote works as noted and my plan worked perfectly.

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