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Idea/Desirable Feature: High Resolution Screen

 Posted - 3/16/2010 2:26:51 PM  - Show Profile  Edit Message

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Idea: High Resolution Screen
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This depends on the size of the screen, but higher resolution screens allow for more displayable content by having pixels that are smaller. Therefore objects can be displayed at higher detail and/or more content can be displayed. If the user wants to, they can reduce a larger resolution, but to increase a smaller one is not often possible and leads to some loss in quality (since some lines have to be removed in this case, since the physical hardware cannot display more lines than lines of pixels it had installed into it).

General guidelines for High Resolution LCD displays taking into account physical screen size are:

3.5"-4.0" W/SVGA ~800x600
4.1"-10" W/XGA ~1024X768
10.1"-13.0" W/SXGA ~1280x1024
13.1"-15.0" W/SXGA+ ~1680x1050
15.0"-16.0" W/UXGA/FHD ~1920x1080p
16.1"+ WUXGA or greater

For reference, here is a reply I made in another forum in response to the post "another **** resolution 16" laptop from Asus: The N61Jv-X2 " and that user also wishing, like me, for high resolution as opposed to the low 1366x768 16+" monstrosities most OEMs are pumping out these days.

I hear you, that resolution is too small - that's why I got my Full HD G51JX and I'm loving it. I use it for programming, reading, gaming, everything - it definitely helps make things much more efficient having that extra on screen real-estate. If things are too small I can zoom in - but if you don't have the res then you can't zoom out.

I can hardly stand using my N10J with its 1024x600 screen in Windows 7 - so I stick with Windows XP and run it modded to 1024x768 and it's surprising the difference it makes, but it is definitely noticeable with 20+% more displayable content to work with at a time.

Yes many will say 1366x768 is fine - but put it and a higher res screen side by side and try to get some actual work done or enjoy the details in a game and you'll see the difference.

My laptops: 2003 ECS G732 15" 1400x1050 < 2006 ASUS Z96JS 15.4" 1680x1050 < 2010 ASUS G51JX 15.6" 1920x1080.

Yes the screens did get larger, but the resolutions also got better. I know I wouldn't want to take a step back.


P.S. Thanks for this by the way - it finally got me to add this, High Resolution, as a Desirable Feature/Idea for Laptops, Monitors, HDTVs, PDAs, etc... the extra displayable content can definitely help and you can see a huge difference comparing two similarly sized panels with such a difference.

A 1920x1080 Screen has a little more than 2x the # of pixels of a 1366x768 and therefore has the potential to display 2x the content. That is a very useful and desirable feature imho.


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