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Compatibility Report: ChargeAround-reChargeontheGoCellCharger and Apple-iPodTouch2G - Semi Compatible with this Model of iPod Touch 2G in particular
Tags: ChargeAround-reChargeontheGoCellCharger, Apple-iPodTouch2G

Stuffopolis.net MultiView Views: 6973   Reply 
Compatibility Report: ChargeAround-reChargeontheGoCellCharger and Apple-iPodTouch2G - Semi Compatible with this Model of iPod Touch 2G in particular

 Posted - 2/12/2009 12:19:09 AM  -  Show Profile  Edit Message

Site Administrator
2020 Contributions
Title: Mostly Compatible with this Model of iPod in particular

ChargeAround-reChargeontheGoCellCharger and Apple-iPodTouch2G

Compatibility Rating: 25%

More Info: Occasionally charges, but mostly rapidly blinks on the iPod display. Might require more current than is provided by the charger (though the charger does definitely provide 5+V) - This might also be in part because of the Firewire changes in the iPod Touch 2nd generation - it may work with previous models that do not require the same current level or not have that firewire change.

Confirmed the Tip does in fact work with my 5V 2A USB wall adapter, however not with the reCharger even with a fresh rechargeable battery or the original packaged alkaline.

Edited by - PJPeter on 3/28/2009 1:51:27 AM

 Posted - 3/22/2009 4:18:31 AM  -  Show Profile  Edit Message

Site Administrator
2020 Contributions

Update #2:

I did some further testing and the Recharge-On-The-Go will infact charge an iPod Touch 2G fine with the included tip - if Wifi is off and the unit is angled slightly to make a good connection on the tip.

The design of the iPod itself makes it difficult for the tip to get a good connection, the connector being angled and not having a flat surface for half of the connection. It's about 2x the size of the regular connector, so it doesn't quite grab the side of the indented end of the dock port like the included iPod cable does, and this may be a problem with other older iPod tips or cables as well. Either way, if you put the iPod on some kind of uneven moldable soft surface such as a pillow, rolled up shirt or towel, etc.. you should be able to get a good connection after a few seconds of adjustments - (Tip: one of the easiest ways of getting one is to press down on the tip itself gently into the moldable surface until you get a connection) - you just have to be careful not to move it too much after you do (though it can be used gently, depending on how secure the surface is).

Either way though, in the same way that the rx1950 can be charged for a short time with the Recharge-On-The-Go if you turn off the screen and disable Wifi, this charger combo can be used to charge the iPod Touch 2G if you disable Wifi (though you can still keep the screen on). Wifi requires too much active current to be active while the unit charges from the device (which maxes out at about 450 mAh of current.

Of other note during my testing is that I found the included iPod Touch 2G USB cable wouldn't work with any USB charge I had, even one that an iPod Shuffle 2G would accept. With this tip though it works with both this charger and the 2 Amp Wall plug (via a tri/USB-to-tip cable) - just be very careful and make sure not to jiggle it after you get a successful connection.


Edited by - PJPeter on 3/22/2009 4:24:11 AM

 Posted - 3/28/2009 1:54:35 AM  -  Show Profile  Edit Message

Site Administrator
2020 Contributions

Update 2: I've upped the rating to 75% because my sister took one of these tips along with the 2A plug and tricable with her on a business trip to San Francisco - and it worked great . She says it actually only did take a couple of seconds to get it to connect and charge and she really needed it since she didn't have a laptop or access to any other USB power source (and the USB cable that came with the iPod Touch 2G is extremely picky and doesn't like to charge even from a computer port if you don't have iTunes open).

So yes, it's definitely usable as long as you don't jostle it - it won't charge in your pocket but it will charge just about anywhere stable - and the tip works with most USB adapters along with the recharge-On-The-Go for AAA/AA power boosting - $2 well spent imho


Edited by - PJPeter on 3/28/2009 1:55:02 AM

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