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Compatibility Report: Generic-SDHCtoCFTypeIIAdapter and Canon-DigitalRebelXT - Works Perfectly - Fitting CFII Slot Great
Tags: Canon-DigitalRebelXT, Generic-SDHCtoCFTypeIIAdapter

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Compatibility Report: Generic-SDHCtoCFTypeIIAdapter and Canon-DigitalRebelXT - Works Perfectly - Fitting CFII Slot Great

 Posted - 12/24/2009 6:19:36 PM  -  Show Profile  Edit Message

Site Administrator
2020 Contributions
Title: Works Perfectly - Fitting CFII Slot Great

Generic-SDHCtoCFTypeIIAdapter and Canon-DigitalRebelXT

Compatibility Rating: 95%

More Info: I found the adapter worked great in my CF card reader with my 16GB SDHC card in it. I tested it in the Camera and it could take 20 pics quickly at Highest JPG Resolution  without any problems, taking 8 pics in a burst and delaying much less than my old 128mb CF card had.

When I checked the status the Camera only saw only 3.9GB free on the empty card (with 11GB used). I tried resetting the camera, but that had no effect. So I read up a bit, and found something to try: a suggestion that the solution to this was the same as most other memory card problems: To format the card on the Camera. I'd been using the 16GB in my A696 GPS/PDA for the past year or so without an issue, but it was FAT32 formatted on XP - so I moved everything off the CF and gave formatting on the Camera a shot. Unfortunately this did not help - and the Camera now thought that my 16GB card was only 7.8GB in size.

That's when I found this after a half hour of frantic searching:
Link VERY USEFUL - The Canon 350D corrupted my 16GB SDHC card when I formatted it and left it with only 7.8GB available - this utility was the only one to recognize the card as 16GB (something my XP laptop via internal and external card readers, A696 Pocket PC, SDFormatter V2.0, h2testw_1.4 and the Camera all refused to do). VERY useful - transformed my $60 16GB SDHC back from a $20 8GB one, mirrored on Stuffop because it is so useful. Source: Link

Also note, some Canon Cameras can only work with up to 8GB CF cards without having problems. The 5D, which is newer than the 350D Rebel XT, for example got a firmware upgrade to work: Link



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