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Cell Phone Plans
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Pay As You Go

First Added:
February 24th 2009 1:44:16 PM

Stuff ID: 107

Alternate Names: PayGo, Pay-As-You-Go Rogers Prepaid Cell Phone Plan, PayGo

Tag: Rogers-PayAsYouGo

Primary Category: Cell Phone Plans

Manufacturer: Rogers

Status: Available

Manufacturer's Site: Link

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Rogers Prepaid, which has trade marked the term "Pay As You Go" - provides users with cell phone service in most of Canada using their GSM/3G network.

Uses GSM Network

Each Rogers Pay As You Go Phone is locked to the Rogers Network (but can be unlocked)

Most Unlocked GSM Phones from around the world work with a Rogers SIM Card

Info on All Pay as You Go Plans:

Only recurring service charge on all accounts is the $0.50 cent a month 911 fee (all such phones with or without a plan allow access to 911) - Some price plans have other charges

Free local incoming from all other Pay as You Go Customers

To Change Price Plans You need to Top up your account. $10, $20, $30 and $40 Vochers/Cards are available with 30 day expiry. $100 Cards Vouchers have a 365 day expiry. Most plans require at least $20 cards for top ups. Unused balances can be carried forward by buying a new voucher before expiry. Expiry dates can be checked by texting *225 from a Pay as You Go Phone. Note: All vouchers must be applied to a phone within 30 days of being purchased.

UPDATE: Incoming text messages now 15 cents a message as of July 7th, 09. If you get an outgoing text plan (for $3 or more) then you still get free incoming text messages.

- Call display

- Access to Voicemail without a monthly fee (but you pay for the airtime when you check them and when the person left them)

- On-screen Voicemail messages waiting alerts

- Call Forwarding (pay airtime during use)

- Group Calling (pay airtime during use)

- Call Waiting (pay airtime during use)

- Free Calls to *611 Self-Care Customer Line, *225 to check account balance and *868 to top up your account

- Can check balance/expiry date and usage history at www.rogers.com free from a computer/connection other than the phone itself

Back2U Promotions:

1. If you have more than $0 bonus every 7 months after you activate your account, you recieve a $5 credit to your account for 7 days (the $5 is drawn upon before your balance until it is used up)*

*This used to be 30 days, but starting May 2nd 09 there is a reduction to just 7

2. For every 100 SMS messages sent during a month, the next 25 are free

Browsing the Rogers Mall website w/WAP from the Pay as You Go phone is free - you are warned about a 5 /kb (or page depending on service) charge if you leave it.

Update: On Nov 23 Pay Per Use changes to $1 a day for unlimited browsing (so you have 24 hours from the first page you visit of unlimited use) - or pay $7 a month

Information up to date as of April 15th/09

Average Rating
Number of Reviews: 1

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2013-12-14 13:20:52
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2009-04-16 02:58:56
Article/Guide: Local/LD Info Outside Local Area
2009-03-18 17:14:24
New Item: Pay As You Go
2009-02-24 15:15:22


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Local/LD Info Outside Local Area

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1 cent a Minute For a Cell Phone Call? Sure!

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Unlocked But Needs These Settings for Internet

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Record Created by: PJPeter on February 24th 2009 1:44:16 PM
Last Editted by: PJPeter on Tue Oct 20 15:26:10 EDT 2009

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