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Compatibility Report: Generic-2AUSB5VACCharger and Apple-iPodTouch2G - Will Charge with Generic Tip
( Generic-2AUSB5VACCharger, Apple-iPodTouch2G )
  PJPeter0    2009-04-11 03:11:35
Compatibility Report: ChargeAround-reChargeontheGoCellCharger and Apple-iPodTouch2G - Semi Compatible with this Model of iPod Touch 2G in particular
( ChargeAround-reChargeontheGoCellCharger, Apple-iPodTouch2G )
  PJPeter2    2009-03-28 01:54:35
Article/Guide: Emergency Cell/USB Charger Power Test Results
( ChargeAround-reChargeontheGoCellCharger, HP-iPaqrx1950, Apple-iPodTouch2G, Sanyo-EneloopAARechargeables )
  PJPeter2    2009-02-16 14:23:46
New Item: iPod Touch 2G
( Apple-iPodTouch2G, Apple, MP3Players, PDAs )
  PJPeter0    2009-02-12 00:02:53

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