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Popular player

 Posted - 4/26/2007 5:56:25 AM  - Show Profile  Edit Message

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I was wondering what the most popular player is at this time so far and why. Iv been in love with my MT-6Z now for about 2 years and have tried YP-U2 among others and shortly became disapointed in them all. save for my beloved T6. I curently have 3 others in storage for back up. I use it most of the day and like that I can grab it to adjust most of the functions with out looking at it. The sound and options far surpas the others. Im using UE (ultimate ears) Super.fi3 ear phones (amazing sound).
Im curious how the YP-55 is holding up?


 Posted - 4/27/2007 1:20:37 PM  - Show Profile  Edit Message

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Cool, the MT6/T6 are definitely good players - you have extras of the same as backup?

My YP-55s are doing great. The original YP-55V I bought back in November 2003 still works no problems, though it has gotten pretty scratched up over the years. The first week I got it, it actually got completely dunked in water - but that had no lasting ill effects. It's still definitely presentable and the LCD is perfect except for a small bit of plastic that stuck on permanently from one of the protective sheets I put over it. Now I always use PDA Protective Screen Covers and haven't had any such problems...I got a pack that you cut up yourself which is pretty lousy for the PDA but great for the MP3 Players and any other things with small scrachable screens since I always have a bit left over after each use. I keep this player as a spare.

The YP-55X is still in very good shape, I've only had for less than 2 years now. I't still in the protective case as shown on the pics page. I cut the bottom out to allow me to take the battery out whenever I want...I wish it wasn't quite as tight a fit so I could take it out every so often to clean it up. Little bits of dirt get in around the button holes and it's virtually impossible to get them out. Someday I'll have to take it out and give it a good clean, but not today. Underneath though it is completely unscratched and the outside case looks exactly as shiny as it did at first - definitely a huge improvement over the original 2003 case which looks a fair bit worse than it did in the pics...

I also bought another YP-55V to give to my brother for his birthday last November. I got it off of eBay and the price was not bad at all...but I won't post it here since he might read this .

All of them function as they did from day one, the eBay player I got was actually in a much better condition in terms of scratches and it's case was completely unused. The guy I bought it from though only used it for a few weeks so that makes sense. He sent me a Sony USB cable which works but doesn't properly secure itself because it lacks the extra thick section between that makes a seal - so it just pops out after a couple of seconds. He probably kept the cord because it looked cooler - but I'd laugh if he tries to use it with his Sony camcorder some day and it won't fit . I hooked the USB dongle that comes with the 55s up to a USB extension cord and now there's no problems .

None of them though have broken, no buttons have stopped working or jammed and no screens have died. I'd be happy to keep using them for another 20+ years - I'm quite tempted to post sometime soon in some iPod forum asking for the best audiobook MP3 player, I'm pretty sure nothing can match it since it can save it's spot in 5 different files at once, has FM Radio and Recording, microphone and Line-In in a nice durable aluminum sheath with a good (2nd gen) case. And which you can use in your pocket easily without looking (especially for Rewind with my firmware hack to change the button ordering).

I always compared my player to the Sony Walkmans I had with Cassette playback before getting the YP-55V...except for the minor thing of AM playback to listen to sports games/traffic reports, there's definitely no contest, and those things would usually break down after a few months (though I ended up getting 15 replacements over 3 years as part of my RadioShack warranty - even though I only ever paid $25 for a cheap brand one at first and ended up getting $90 Sony ones by the end of it, lol, but that's another story ).

I also tried the YP-C1Z, but was quite disappointed and I ended up returning it twice, and then buying one for my uncle as a gift and giving him the case Samsung sent me for it as a bonus. He likes it and has no regrets. My sister has YP-T6X that she also got as a gift, no problems - though she's never updated the firmware at all.

My only regrets are that even the YP-55X only has 512mb of memory and no support for OGG. And my only remaining annoyance is that sometimes it forgets all my settings after being hooked up to USB - I'll have to sit down and debug that sometime and see if I can't work it out.  


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