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Article/Guide: Battery mAh - Does it really matter?

 Posted - 2/6/2009 9:31:04 PM  - Show Profile  Edit Message

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Article Title: Battery mAh - Does it really matter?
Category Resource Page: RechargeableBatteries

Nope, if you get a good quality battery then, all things else being equal, you want more mAh (Milliamp Hours). More mAh = more play time - so a 750 mAh would probably have less than the 900 mAh - but if the 750 is a good quality battery that holds the charge better then it could last a lot longer. The cheap 900 might be good for a few weeks or months charging up to 900 or so each time, but if after that time it bombs and goes down to 600 or lower then you're worse off than if you had a 750 that had only degraded down to 700 or so. It's hard to predict, and depends on how you treat the battery, and what exactly is in it.

For example, I use AAA batteries in my YP-55 and when I bought it the best ones out were about 750 mAh. A few months later I found some Chateau 900 mAh batteries, but they aren't a good brand and after a couple of months I could tell they weren't holding the charge well at all and were much worse than the 750s I'd been using for the past year before the replacement.  I now have a pair of Energizer 900 mAh that I use, and those are definitely the best of the pack so far. They are wearing out now after about 6 months or so, so I might go for a couple of Duracell 1000 mAh that I found at WalMart the other day for around $12 CAD, though not right away.

For the record I also have a 1100 mAh battery in my iPaq rx1950 PDA. In my SD750 Camera I have a 760 mAh original battery that came with it and is a geniune Cannon, as well as a 750 mAh replacement battery that I got off eBay for $10 about 6 months ago and both are going strong - I had originally gotten a 600 mAh replacement battery for $7 but upgraded to a 750 when they came in stock (I live about a 15 minute drive from the guy who sells them here luckily - though you still have to pay some extra for shipping because that's where they make their profit...).

So it really depends on all these factors, a cheap battery with a high mAh might have the longest play time but only for a limited time, while a good battery with a lower mAh might be initally shorter but better in the long run - while a good battery with a high mAh will beat both of these, but might cost more. Definitely shop around and ask people who have purchased before if you can and see what their experiences have been, especially months later, if possible.



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