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USB Travel Power

 Posted - 4/13/2009 4:43:45 AM  - Show Profile  Edit Message

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To explain my recent kick on USB Hubs: It's because I saw a picture of a Kensington 4 port USB wall plug and I thought to myself - that could be useful. I have about 4 USB AC wall chargers - which is plenty - but all require a socket. And I have not one power bar that can run in Europe at the 240V 50hz voltage and frequency there - I checked them all, every one of them was rated only for 120V 60 Hz.

I've always found I'd need to get a power bar if I forgot one when I went on vacation, there usually just aren't enough power sockets to charge everything. Now though, with my trip to Greece coming up I realized I've been moving to USB power for everything so I could charge on the go anyway. By using a USB hub connected to on one of my fully 120/240V 50/60Hz USB wall plugs means I only need 1 Euroadapter and 1 such Wall plug to charge 4 of my USB devices at once. So there's no need to leave the laptop on just for USB power while I'm there, and in many cases I probably wouldn't set it up anyway. So this way I can pack lighter - while still powering everything. And some of these USB hubs are tiny little things.

Some of my hubs run off AC adapters, most of which are not Euro-compatible - but most have standard connectors or just run off USB power. The only small electronic thing I currently can't charge off USB is my camera - which I hope to solve very soon with a $3 Li-Ion universal battery charger I ordered last week. With that I should be able to charge everything electronic I plan to bring from 1 USB plug + my Universal Laptop/PDA AC/Car/Aircraft Power Adapter. That's one less bag right there in fewer chargers. I also have the added bonus that I can recharge anything for emergency usage from an AA or AAA battery if I need to - even an AA or AAA battery using my chargestick...though that does seem kind of silly . Still I think I'm ready, and I think the hubs will help save my back and my wallet. No need for a huge USB plug, or an expensive international or Europe only AC powerbar - just a couple Europlugs and Surge protectors, my until recently disused usb hubs and my precious $7 2A USB wall plug and I'm good to go



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