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Compatibility Report: ASUS-A696 and IOGEAR-BluetoothLaserMouseGME228BW6 - No Go On PDA with Windows Mobile 6 with the Drivers Today

 Posted - 5/1/2009 6:30:17 PM  - Show Profile  Edit Message

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Title: No Go With WM6 Drivers Today

IOGEAR-BluetoothLaserMouseGME228BW6 and ASUS-A696

Compatibility Rating: 0%

More Info: The entire reason I bought a bluetooth mouse was to use with my WM6 PDA. I had googled around and found a bunch of possiblities for drivers to use with a bluetooth mouse and my A696. I thought I was set with BlueMouse/BlueInput, I had the Stowaway Drivers since I have one of their IR keyboards, and I also have a pretty good Broadcom stack on the PDA itself that I figured would cover me every which way for support of this function.

I was wrong.

Turns out articles I read saying that BlueMouse/BlueInput would allow any PDA to use any Bluetooth Mouse were lies - it only works with the Microsoft Bluetooth Stack. Though my PDA is a genuine Microsoft WM6 device, it has a Broadcom Bluetooth Stack instead. The company that developed it (Teksoftco)reported it was planning to make it compatible - and they reported so publically - however, they then posted afterwards in response to some users that they weren't planning to do so anymore.

So that was a bust. I then moved on to the Stowaway Travel Mouse driver by ThinkOutside. Their IR keyboard is great, I quite like using it - and thats part of why I wanted a bluetooth mouse to compliment it and make the PDA into a sort of mini-laptop. I have about 10 diferent copies of their drivers over time. Unfortunately they actually locked their drivers to their own $100 Travel Mouse only (which I found for $70). However, since I already bought the IOGEAR mouse, this was of no help to me.

Until I found that there was actually a leaked copy of the Stowaway driver that would work with any Bluetooth Mouse. After a couple of days searching through deadlinks on various boards, I managed to find one server which still had the StowawayXT.dll file I needed. I tried it, but no luck. It turns out some devices WM2003/SE and WM5 will work with it through StowawayBTKeyboardPPC42USA.CAB along with the leaked file (See here). However, my WM6 device isn't working with that version.

I also found a cab that might work in this post: [WM5] BT Mouse. However I haven't been able to get a copy of that cab.

None of the download links work anymore on any of the boards, but I managed to get the some of the files and I'll post them if anyone is interested. They probably would work with WM5, as well as WM2003/SE and some other devices.

I even tried to see if I could find where in the dll they were loading in the restriction of the type of mouse to a Stowaway Travel Mouse only, like the one connected here:

I tried with a hex editor to find the string, but I'm a noob at this sort of thing and had no luck editting the DLL. I have both the new, old and leaked versions though.

I found Stoaway Driver version 4.3 would work with the A696, but the 4.2 would not - and thats the one the leaked driver is stated to work on other websites.

Trying to attack things from another direction I tried to install either an updated Broadcom Bluetooth driver. I wasn't able to get anything mich newer than what the A696 had to start with (ie. Bluetooth for Windows CE BT-PPC Version 1.8.0 Build 4800), but I did find 1.8.7 along with a 1.7.6 version. Neither of these added any functionality I needed, and the older 1.7.6 version actually broke my bluetooth system and required a hard reset.

I also tried to find a Microsoft Bluetooth Stack so I could use BlueInput/BlueMouse - but no luck there at all, it just doesn't seem to be available anywhere.

So basically at this moment, no go.. I tried just about everything I could think of. I'm thinking maybe in future I'll be able to reflash my A696 to a newer firmware version, or perhaps a Broadcom stack in future might support it - or maybe BlueInput might get fixed to work with Broadcom... but at this moment it's no go with an A696 and a generic bluetooth mouse...

If you have any ideas please feel free to post, I can post all the driver versions and files I've collected if anyone is interested in trying to work this out.


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 Posted - 5/2/2009 4:47:08 PM  - Show Profile  Edit Message

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Bluetooth mouse with a PDA - that's crazy! But I like it! :) - post if you ever figure it out, I have an old bt mouse and I think I may have Broadcom on my WM5 PDA too.

I also like the quick reply!



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