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How to Transfer Files to X1 WM6.5 via Bluetooth on Win7

 Posted - 3/28/2010 3:12:06 AM  - Show Profile  Edit Message

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This was driving me nuts for the past couple of weeks - it may also apply to other Windows Mobile Phones/PDAs as well (I confirmed it also worked with the A696 - though the typical transfer strategy also worked for that PDA).

With Windows XP the conventional way, with my drivers anyway, to transfer files via Bluetooth to a mobile device was to right click the file(s) and select 'To Bluetooth' and then select the Device to transfer the files to. This worked in all cases I tried, including to PDAs, Smart and Relatively Dumb Phones and other computers.

With Windows 7 I tried to continue this same practice with its built in drivers - right click the file and select 'Send To' -> 'Bluetooth' and then select the device to send the file to. It worked great with the A696 - but never worked with the X1. It would detect the X1 no problem at all, and get a secure connection on both sides - but whenever it tried to send the file it would 'Fail to detect service.' On checking the X1, I found it did not have 'FTP Service' listed - however it still worked great to get files from my other Windows XP laptop via FTP! It may have something to do with my having a modified Windows Mobile 6.5/6.5.1/6.5.5 ROM since I got Windows 7 (64 bit) - but I can't be sure. Either way, it made it very difficult to transfer files, forcing me to either open up the case and eject the Micro-SD Card and insert it into an adapter or plug in the phone via USB (which Win7 would randomly not detect without a soft reset) or start a Bluetooth ActiveSync session from the X1's end.

Then I found this trick: In the 'My Computer' (Now simply called 'Computer') menu you can see an 'Other' category - if you expand it, along with other things, all Bluetooth devices are displayed here as symbolic folders. I tried to open these folders many times, but it would not work and it even crashed 'Windows Explorer' a couple of times. Right clicking the folder simply gave a 'Create Shortcut' menu option. Then I tried dragging the file I wanted to transfer over to the symbolic folder - and bam, it sent right away with no problems at all.

This process is much simpler than any other I'd found using Windows 7. It's worked with both my A696 and X1 on my first try and I've had no problems with it at all. So my suggestion is to use these folders, and you can create a shortcut on your Start Menu or Desktop to drag files to whenever you want to send them to your Bluetooth Device.

As a method it works and makes sense - but there was no documentation on this and in all the dozens of similar reports people were posting with these exact same sorts of symptoms, I never saw this solution suggested. Problem solved .

Hope that helps someone ,


Update: I've also found that sometimes I need to reset the Bluetooth Drivers after a successful transfer before I can make another - otherwise it just sits there or crashes Windows Explorer. I reset it by disabling Bluetooth, waiting 5 seconds, and then re-activating it again.

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