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Article/Guide: W3G GPS Unlock Instructions

 Posted - 4/19/2010 10:03:16 PM  - Show Profile  Edit Message

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Article Title: W3G GPS Unlock How to
Item Resource Page: Nextar-W3G

- Note there are two versions, the W3G-01 and W3G - the W3G-01 is slightly easier to hack, allowing explorer.exe to be linked to the MP3 function. This hack should work for both though - and I confirmed it 100% on the W3G model.

To Access Windows Explorer to run any application you want on the W3G.

Download CERegistry and install it on your Windows machine and use it to change:

As well as:
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\Explorer\Shell Folders]
"My Documents"=\SDMMC\My Documents
"Application Data"=\ResidentFlash\Application Data

Change the values in quotation marks ("") to exactly what is after the = signs, with no leading or trailing spaces.

Because by default this Windows CE 5 device does not have those files included in ROM but in RAM memory - so that many modifications are lost when you reset the device. With the Storage/Program Memory slider, it gives great flexibility if you need more RAM, but as soon as the power is gone - poof, back to factory defaults in those locations. Some of the Windows and settings files are in ROM and do save (such as the 'tap' click setting for example, while other settings and files are gone as soon as the battery dies or you slide the 'ON/OFF' control on the back of the unit.

There was a different version of explorer.exe from the "Dreamíeo PVP320 Unlocker 1.0" (PVP320_Unlock_1.0.zip) - but I was not able to get that file. Possibly because of that, I have had a lower resolution with no view of the task bar (this unit only has a 320x240 resolution, but WinCE displays as if it is 800x600 or some other much larger size). I am still able to access most options though, just not the Start Menu via the usual manner. I tried showtaskbar.exe but it didn't seem to change anything. It can be more difficult but has been possible to whatever I've wanted to so far without it. Since the unit is not for me, but I hacked it for a friend who doesn't need those advanced features, I left things as is and didn't try to get it working too hard - it certainly may be possible and other people have reported doing it (though there is debate as to whether it was a W3G or W3G-01 model they were working from).

Be careful in how far you push the RAM/Storage slider - I moved it too far leaving only a few mb for Storage (since I knew it was unneeded) and since it was too little the system reset to defaults on me. All I had to do was redo the CERegistry changes, but if I'd been on the road without my laptop - definitely not something you'd want to have to deal with. By default the device has 37mb free, which is enough to run iGo8 with TTS with no problems so I'd leave it be.

I hate the screen tap loud clicking noise, luckily there is an easy to turn them off with the Windows Explorer interface - just go to My Device -> Control Panel -> Volume & Sounds and disable the 'Screen taps' box.

I confirmed that iGo8 w/ TTS worked well, including with 3D Buildings.


P.S. Rather than write a full review I will comment here:
Positives - Upgradable Windows CE 5.0 System
- Hardware Volume Control, On/OFF button on front (as opposed to X3-03 which had it on the back).
Negatives: No FM so no TMC (though I haven't been able to get it to work well anyway on devices that should support it in my area...)

I got the unit for $82 Canadian with tax as a Clearance unit from Factory Direct. I confirmed it did fully charge via Mini-USB, though did so slowly.

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 Posted - 6/26/2010 9:47:23 PM  - Show Profile  Edit Message

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As an update, I received an e-mail from a user named 'Brent' who confirmed these steps worked well for him :).



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