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Review: G51JX-A1 Review

 Posted - 6/19/2010 1:40:51 PM  - Show Profile  Edit Message

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True about the resolution, even what you have is a huge difference over the standard - even a happy medium in a way, especially considering everything else.

Tried to compare my scores but I never did run a 3DMark03 test - I actually found the GTS360M tends to do better with the 3DMark Vantage test most of all, especially with newer drivers - so it may be more specialized for the newer games and benches.

Glad to hear the computer looks new - Alienware has such a good rep and a name in the industry even after Dell bought them out, it doesn't surprise me that they would want it to look as good as possible even refurb. True though getting refurb, I'd test the HDD heavily before trusting it and even still if you ever decide to upgrade you can pay extra then and know you're getting brand new.

Hmm, maybe a driver update on the touchpad driver could help - sounds like for some reason it's processing slowly - could also be why you're missing some keys.

All metal sounds cool, nice that it is so strong and solid - must be heavy though. Looking it up: 9.4lbs by itself and 11 lbs with AC adapter? Wow, that might have been why I put it off my list - my first laptop was 8 lbs and after 3 years of lugging it around campus, I decided never to buy heavier (though now that I have a netbook for most times I need a portable computer...I may revisit that). Though looking at the specs carefully, it says it has a i920xm with that model, so it may be one of the other editions you mentioned. Still the depth - I dunno - but I hear you on the width of the G51JX - but I do rather like having the numberpad and the size and type of the keyboard - everyone whose tried it likes it. The bezel around the the sides is not even 1" but on the top it's almost 1.5" - so I can understand that. There isn't too much wasted space in the chassis though and only 7.2 lbs isn't too bad for me.

Certainly though, if it stays cool and lasts, and it sounds like it will, then performance is certainly quite good and you should have some good years ahead of you enjoying your investment .


 Posted - 7/14/2010 2:08:31 PM  - Show Profile  Edit Message

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Posted By zzzmaverickzzz (4/14/2010 3:40:17 AM):
Hi Peter,
After all I decided and purchaced Cooler Master U2 off this site
That's exactly what I needed and think will do the best job if both fans located verticaly on the left side where all hit is producing,
80 mm fans will blow cool streem in exact location where they need. It's cheap,light and think best choice for task I need

From all the way back on page 8 I remembered looking into that Cooler all that time ago when you mentioned it - and this week at the local computer store where I usually find the best deals it went on sale for $17.99 this week so I've got one on hold and I'm going up to grab it in a few minutes .

Looking at the pics I took of the bottom of the laptop I had a feeling putting them one above the other along that left side would be best - reading another review of the cooler someone warned that if you put it too far down the cooler won't lie flat, but looking at some other pictures and especially based on your report it sounds like it'll work great .

Other places I read it isn't very loud - and for $20 with tax it shouldn't be too bad. I've come to the point where, now that it's summer and quite warm, not only is the heat bothering me a bit, but the idea that it could be damaging the computer is bothering me even more so I really think this is the best way to go. I was using one of those passive chemical coolers, but it only sucks up heat for a short time before becoming fully saturated, especially with a system like this. I'm thinking I'll keep that one for my N10J instead, which also can get hot - but not nearly as much so as the G51JX. Comparing the dimensions (Cooler: 13.5 x 10.5 x 2.3 inches, G51JX 14.6" x 10.3" x 1.6") and especially based on your report, it should work fine. I also tested out the angle, with an extreme angle caused by a box I placed under the back of the computer (about a 45 degree angle at least) and I'm confident I'll actually enjoy the (note quite so steep) angle that the Notepal U2 provides.

So thanks a lot for that info - I'll be getting it soon and now that I have my Infrared Thermometer I may also take some temperature readings and post them - will see, off to get it now .


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 Posted - 7/15/2010 12:09:35 AM  - Show Profile  Edit Message

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I got it and I'm quite impressed with it. It took a lot of work to get the fans one above the other, I had to reposition them a couple of times and move the gray plastic compound back in order to snap the fan clips into the upper most slot, but I eventually got it to click in. If I didn't do that positioning job, the lower fan would be attached to the last set of holes on the grill and would be lower than the bottom of the cooler at the tip, thus unbalancing the entire unit and placing all the wait on that fan.

It does indeed keep the system rather cool - while doing light tasks (copying files, surfing) before with just air under the laptop (as mentioned in my previous post it was propped up on a small box, thus giving at least better passive airflow than usual but with no active cooling outside the laptop) I was getting temperature readings of 104*F along the side of the laptop near the Caps Lock key, and 98+*F along the keyboard near that.

Granted this is at night and after only an hour or so of on time, but the temps are only 98*F max along that entire side (and only 96*F at the previous hot spot) - and much of the keyboard is lower than that (especially the right side that never got hot anyway). I will do some more tests in future probably, but it certainly seems to be working .

One negative is that this laptop is so thick that, with the legs, it won't quite fit into the Cooler Master Notepal U2 for storage/transportation - that's how it was designed to be carried, as a metal sheath to protect your laptop while doubling as a cooler when you want to use the laptop thus saving on storage space while on the go. It's still possible to wedge it in there and it covers much of the notebook, but it isn't really a secure fit, nor is it very snug - there is a lot of room (at least 1-2" on the back) that won't fit into the cooler even if you use the front end to attach it.

The 30* tilt though is quite comfortable, and I do like it over all - especially considering the price.

Thanks again maverick for the recommendation .


P.S. One other comment, I know various people on other boards posted this (and I was kind of wondering myself) - the fans blow cool air from the area below the cooler into the laptop itself. There is no option to flip the fans and have them do the opposite, they only click on one way. (When you think about it, creating a potential vacuum by pulling air away from the internal laptop fan would be detrimental - but then again sucking air out of another vent might be good...) There is enough space underneath the cooler to put other small thin fans, which I plan to do if I can find my other ones. Some people buy two of those coolers, and then take the extra two fans and use them to make the cooler have 4 - the fans and cooler are separate - if you want to, you can use either one entirely exclusively of the other, though the two fans are wired together to the same USB plug (with a pass through connected, so you don't lose the plug you are using to power the fans). My guess is you could attach about 6 of the included 80mm fans onto the cooler if you really wanted to. Very nice to be able to customize - though I think I probably won't go that far - it's still nice to have the option .

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 Posted - 7/24/2010 5:53:08 AM  - Show Profile  Edit Message

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hi pjpeter, nice to meet you, my name is tata, i am from indonesia.

i bought asus g51jx 1 months ago, the razer abyssus mouse is broken , they did not give warranty reciept for the mouse, i forgot to take the recipe from them, by the way did the package included the the mouse warranty?, if they (the reseller in indonesia) do not want to give me the reciept, may be they are lying or exchanged with the broken one( i don't know), what should i do? did the asus warranty covered the accesories?

thank you for your attention
sorry for my bad english
please reply my post as soon as possible

 Posted - 7/24/2010 2:23:36 PM  - Show Profile  Edit Message

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Hi tata, welcome.

Hmmm, when you bought the box was it sealed? If it was factory sealed then the reseller should not have done anything in it. I don't think my receipt mentions the mouse either, just the G51JX and its specs, but it was certainly included in the box. I can't tell you 100% but I know in the past that ASUS does give a warranty on accessories - but it is only something like 30 days instead of the full year of the ASUS device itself. You should still talk to ASUS about it and see what they say - but are you saying that you have no proof of purchase at all?

My suggestion is, if you didn't get the original receipt from the reseller, to go back and ask them to reprint it. It's really important if you have some warranty issue to have that. I know here if you tell the Reseller what time and date you bought it then they're fine giving me a copy of the receipt (especially if I used my Credit Card, but even without sometimes - especially if they remember me).

Either way though, I'd contact ASUS - the warranty could be longer than I think - but if it was only a month ago you certainly might be within the 30 day period anyway - if the mouse is broken and not from misuse you should be entitled to a repair/replacement imho - but ASUS support can tell you for sure.

Hope that helps,


 Posted - 7/24/2010 10:29:36 PM  - Show Profile  Edit Message

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than you very much for your respons, when i bought the box sealed, with blue seal with the sentences on in "ASUS check contents if seal is broken" so i think they do not exchange every content inside.
how about your seal? same like me?. i see asus site http://promos.asus.com/US/ASUS_NB_Warranty/extend_warranty.html you can check the notes from that site said than accessories cover with
1 year warranty, but another site http://support.asus.com/service/service.aspx?no=328&SLanguage=en-us like this, said that "Other free accessories and bundles (including but not limited to carry cases, mouse, and other free gifts) are not covered by this Warranty Extension Package." you can check at point 6
can you explain that to  me why both of them are different. first site said that warranty only for US and Canada, how about indonesia?

two days ago i went to asus service center indonesia in jakarta(senayan), they said the mouse is accessories the warranty not cover it, the conclusion is
they can not help me. i am so dissapointed.so where should i go to have aprove for my mouse?    

i check razer official site, they said they need the reciept, i only have reciept for my notebook package, i don not
have specifict reciept for the razer mouse only, how about you, did you get asus notebook reciept and razer mouse reciept when you buy it?

last question, did you get the complete box of you razer mouse and get the mouse pad when you bought asus g51jx package? i am only got mouse razer abyssus covered with
red plastic same like the battery and charger, no box, no mouse pad,no warranty/exchange/bill reciept, and only one guide book(i saw the product in this sitehttp://www.hardwareheaven.com/reviews/906/pg2/razer-abyssus-gaming-mouse-packaging-bundle.html
customer will get more than one guide book, mouse pad, complete box, and the most important thing is the bill reciept for warranty)

sorry for my tons of question, i hope you understand my bad english, i just want to hear the reality based on your
experience, thank you very much for your attentions and respons



 Posted - 7/25/2010 12:15:31 AM  - Show Profile  Edit Message

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http://promos.asus.com/US/ASUS_NB_Warranty/extend_warranty.html talks about the US and Canada policy only.

http://support.asus.com/service/service.aspx?no=328&SLanguage=en-us is talking about if you pay to get an extra year added on to the included warranty (that it won't include the accessories).

I don't know what the policy is in Indonesia - sorry. It seems it is not listed in English (or Greek) so I cannot read it. You should check http://id.asus.com/ and look there for details. I'm surprised they would not cover the mouse at least for 30 days, but it is up to them. Here, as you said, it seems we have a 1 year warranty on the accessories.

Unfortunately since this is just a free accessory, just a bonus, all I got was it wrapped in a red bubble wrap bag. In fact, I haven't used it at all - I don't find it too comfortable - so I'm keeping it as a spare or a mouse to give another family member if their's breaks.

Sorry, I wish I could help more - if you spoke to ASUS Indonesia support and they say they do not cover it - unless you can find something in the retailer's receipt that says the retailer will cover it (I doubt it, if its sealed box they will usually say it is all ASUS warranty, but you can ask just incase - they may be nice or may pass it along) - or if you can find something on the ASUS site or in the manual or documentation that says the accessories are covered by a 1 year warranty in Indonesia - otherwise I don't know what to say, sorry.


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 Posted - 8/12/2010 3:14:13 PM  - Show Profile  Edit Message

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So has anyone discovered a 150W power supply that works with the G51Jx? I received mine last week and despite breaking it within 20 minutes (uninstalled too much junkware) it's been great. Restoring from the recovery disk actually worked out in my favor as most of the junkware was not reinstalled. After reading through this thread though it seems a 150Watt supply would be a worthwhile investment.

 Posted - 8/19/2010 4:27:41 AM  - Show Profile  Edit Message

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Wish I could confirm and tell you what supply, but unfortunately the only supply I've tested was a 90W and 120W one - I could definitely find that the 90W constrained the system even more, while the 120W was about the same as the stock OEM adapter. The interesting thing is that it seems to be pretty standard since all 3 laptops I've purchased over the years used the exact same plug - so it might not be too hard to find one that will work with it.

Glad to hear that the recovery disc worked out for you that way - I'm quite close to doing that myself sometime soon to get rid of all the junk and get things running quicker. I intended to do that from the start, but I got caught up in doing all my benchmarks and wanting to keep the system stock. If you do find the right 150W adapter though it could certainly be worth a try, especially if you take the limiter off with that app mentioned earlier in the thread - just make sure to watch the temps just incase imho - it might not be a huge jump, not as much as the G51J with its more power intensive GPU - but it could certainly help avoid any possibility of a system shutdown under heavy un-limited load.


 Posted - 8/19/2010 6:16:49 PM  - Show Profile  Edit Message

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Burnout Paradise Benchmark

Tutorial on how to overclock the G51jx-a1

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 Posted - 8/22/2010 5:24:50 PM  - Show Profile  Edit Message

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Nice post Nokuma!

Thanks for this - I added each as its own video as well (here)- but all credit to you - thanks


P.S. I made your links click-able

Last Edited By - PJPeter on 8/22/2010 5:25:44 PM

 Posted - 9/23/2010 6:03:20 AM  - Show Profile  Edit Message

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hello peter , nice to see you again
the good news is i have recieved the new razer mouse from asus, i hope this mouse works greatly until the end of the world ^_^

by the way peter, i am planning to buy Metro 2033 game, but this heavy game will run badly in high game mode
check this site

need some suggestions from you as professional overclocker^_^

 Posted - 9/25/2010 7:38:54 PM  - Show Profile  Edit Message

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Hi tatazbrush,

Good to hear back from you - glad you got your mouse.

I wouldn't call myself a professional overclocker by any means - I've just tested my G51JX to its safe limits and I'm happy with the results. My suggestion would be to try the limits I've set as documented in this thread and maybe look into getting a cooler that was discussed above


 Posted - 10/2/2010 12:06:43 PM  - Show Profile  Edit Message


How do you guys get so high 3Dmarks? I recently bought a new G51JX(-IX052V) with i7-720QM and GTS360M and the highest value I get is 8378!!!

I spent a whole day to reinstall the system, tried all drivers I found (nVidia, Laptopvideo2go), tried all Energy Settings, all Power4Gear profiles and the only thing I noticed is that the 3Dmarks vary like before, from lowest 7149 to highest 8378, which is far below your results or other benchmarks I read about this card. My current driver is 260.63.

Oh by the way - the CPU score keeps constant at about 3090. The only GPU "boost" I found is to switch the display refresh rate from 120Hz to 60Hz which gives a score of 9213 - very strange. Furmark result is 3103 points (avg. 52FPS) in benchmark mode, fullscreen@1366x768. 3D Vision is always off, always High Performance Profile used.

This can't be true - what is wrong here? This GPU should be twice as fast as my old 9600GT in a LG Subnotebook with a C2D@2.53GHz (comparison: 5991/2506/2343/2248 vs. 8378/4423/4213/3093  3Dmarks06). I become insane about this...

 Posted - 10/2/2010 2:02:16 PM  - Show Profile  Edit Message

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Hey guys. I just had an issue with my laptop. The keyboard is going bad :P. The "E" and right enter started not working now several keys are intermittent with working. Contacted RMA service and they are sending out a new keyboard. Any others with this problem?
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