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Review: G51JX-A1 Review

 Posted - 9/1/2012 10:44:07 AM  - Show Profile  Edit Message

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Posted 01/09/2012

Here are some updates:

I recommend not using the P4GH Turbo Modes.

With ASUS' P4G Turbo/Extreme Turbo enabled, running a Pass Mark test resulted in results between 3440-3483.

Without it enabled at all, results were between 3520-3580.

I also found that in Mass Effect 2, the timing of speech audio would be off and it would cut off the last few seconds of what characters were saying which was annoying until I figured out it was the P4G Turbo and I stopped using it.

Others have reported that 3D Mark scores decrease with either mode enabled - I have to agree - I'd recommend not using them.

With means you can also use potentially newer P4G versions - I'm currently on 1.1.37, but seemed to work ok aside from the Turbo controls not coming up on my system, so I may switch back (the gadget it comes with also looks potentially useful).

I finally followed mhthomas' advice and got an SSD and moved my HDD to the ODD slot - a Vertex 4 128GB. Despite this only having Sata II capabilities, the results are great so far - With the stock drive after a clean install, see below for my results. Load times and install times on all sorts of programs have improved drastically - I'm very happy with it thus far :). I plan to keep Windows, my apps and games on the Vertex 4 and storage on the 500GB built in. I short stroked the drive by 10 GB - not a full effort I know, but it works - I believe the drive is most likely already set up for that also.

Stock HDD / SSD

Windows 7 Boot:
1 min 20 sec / 40 sec
Civilization V Game Load Time:
2 min 0 sec / 1 min 11 sec
Civilization V Save Load Time:
38 sec / 31 sec

The guide I used for the SSD setup and install is here:


Everything is so much snappier on the system now - I highly recommend getting an SSD - my ODD still works great in the external enclosure for when I need it - but my system performance is so much better now it's incredible - all it cost me is $90 for the drive and $30 for the caddy/external ODD enclosure - definitely worth it.

The enclosure/caddy I used: Link (I was able to pick it up locally at a shop here in Toronto).

I also found the camera driver for my particular model was upside down - I did a mod to the driver to flip it, a simple one - I can upload the file if anyone wants it - guides are also available online for how to make the fix. There are quite a few different Camera models that different G51Jxs
may have shipped with though, so it might not be helpful to everyone - but for me it works great.

The new BIOS v 208 appears to solve the problem that if you try to boot the system without an ODD installed (or something in that port) it will BSOD on Windows 7 boot. I haven't upgraded to it myself yet but am considering it. If anyone is still on their 2 year warranties, I'd do the upgrade asap just incase.

My keyboard backlight seems to switch on and off randomly when I have it enabled. I'm not sure why - but that's the only part of the system that has shown any wear - everything else works as well as the day I got it.

I keep it clean with compressed air but haven't yet changed the thermal paste. It's pretty quiet now - the SSD is helping with that of course.

I haven't found a game I couldn't play at medium settings or above - though the GTS360M isn't the latest card, it isn't bad.

The Ricoh card reader does seem pretty slow to me - I'd be curious to look into if there are faster drivers - I was getting transfers speeds of 12mb/s when copying from my Class 10 MicroSD w/adapter to my SSD - that should >not< happen.

I have been researching getting a ASUS N56VZ or Lenovo Y580 recently to upgrade and passing this computer along so my brother can play games with me on it rather than struggling with the older laptop he currently uses. However, the ASUS U500 i7 15.6" GT650M equipped Ultrabook that was announced this past week has put a bit of a spanner in the works - but with the SSD, I'm quite happy with this system and I hope it'll keep going strong for years, no matter who ends up using it in the future.


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