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Review: G51JX-A1 Review

 Posted - 4/18/2010 12:00:29 PM  - Show Profile  Edit Message

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Hi Peter!

Mine X1 is coming soon (hopefully Wednesday :) ), and I'm watching this thread closely. So, after downloading drivers and various info, I found that there is (according to Asus manual) a recovery partition that is "not to be removed..." blahblah...
Since it's usually just the manufacturer's concept, and normally it's just a partition like any other - did you seen it? Can it be removed safely?
I usually do a fresh reinstall the moment I'm getting new PC - as I want the things MY way :) , and i may just do that in this case as well - did you tried it?

Thanks in advance!
And MANY thanks fro this thread. It's very thorough and informative.

 Posted - 4/18/2010 3:05:15 PM  - Show Profile  Edit Message

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Hey Buber,
My buddy got a Repub Of Gamers Asus last year and it had a Vista Recovery partition and I did a clean install of 7.  It was nothing more complicated than clicking delete partition during the 7 install.  It freed up about 10Gb of HDD space.  You will have no trouble clearing it.

I hadnt seen the X1 before.  Its only 100 more than the X3 but has the i7..  Does anyone know if the X1 has the 4 memory bays?

Also does anyone know where I can find benchmark scores comparing A1, X1, X3...  So I can get a better grasp on the power difference. I have seen benchmarks of each part but I want to see as a whole.

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 Posted - 4/18/2010 4:55:49 PM  - Show Profile  Edit Message

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Hi there!

From what I gather the only difference between A1 and X1 is 4GB RAM (in X1) and lack of mouse and backpack - works for me, as I prefer a bluetooth mouse to free the usb port anyway, and I usually use other backpack. If I will have a go at decent internet (I'm travelling :) ) and download the benchmark soft, I can post them.
BTW, which benchmark soft you use? 3dbenchmark? Is that it?

And from what i gather, the X1 is basically exclusive model for Newegg.com. I was thinking about X3, but newegg just dropped the price to 1199$, so if i buy 1 more memory stick (which i may, and it costs about 50$) I will essentialy have A1 without mouse and backpack. I'm just waiting for it to arrive, to see which memory is installed.

Thanks for the info - I will delete this partition then.

 Posted - 4/19/2010 1:14:41 AM  - Show Profile  Edit Message

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Hey Buber,

I can confirm what MrKuenning said - you can delete that partition. I haven't done so myself (I want to backup my files before I do, just incase something goes wrong) - but you should probably do it right off the bat. It's just as simple as he said . The partition size on my A1 is 20GB - I had thought that it might in part be the place that the ASUS Express Gate software is installed, but I've read this is on a flash chip instead.

I did run a PCMark Vantage benchmark, I don't know if I posted it or not - besides that mostly 3DMark06/Vantage and the ever simple WEI. I think I did post some SuperPi benches as well, using TurboBoost and not. Really though real world performance is what matters and the 4 cores will keep getting more and more useful as more and more apps and games are designed to utilize the potential fully.

I told ASUS support that I had used the recovery discs at one point to recover the system (yes, a lie I know - but they wouldn't escalate my issue without it, and I knew it wouldn't change anything, which it didn't) - and they told me that the only acceptable way to do it was to use the Recovery Partition. In all seriousness though, the default install has old and even some wrong drivers so you're better off doing a clean install anyway, or recovering from a solid image instead.

The X1 wasn't around when I got my A1, but it seems like a pretty good deal - it does seem to have the 4 RAM slots and all the other specs look like they match and it has full 1 year ADW and full 2 year warranty, looks good. Prices have certainly lowered since I got mine, but I was the first G51JX owner and I think being so helped a lot of people over that time and I had the system to use and enjoy - so all in all, it worked out well .

 Posted - 4/21/2010 6:31:49 PM  - Show Profile  Edit Message

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Back the memory question - do you think 6 GB is justified? I'm trying to figure it out - I would mainly need it for photo editing and some gaming, but then 4GB is already a lot...
Can you share your thoughts about it?

 Posted - 4/21/2010 11:04:15 PM  - Show Profile  Edit Message

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At this moment, on Windows 7 I have a few Firefox windows open (16 of them actually) with multiple tabs. I tend to open a lot of pages and then take time to go over them and close them - and as I go I add more, etc.. - so it seems endless, but all interesting stuff, so worth reading eventually.

As well, I have a couple of Messenger windows, Editpad and a couple of others. I have no Web Programming, C++, SQL Database, Winamp, Photoshop/PaintShop, games, Word or any other program active.

Here are the stats:
Total: 6077MB
Cached: 2296MB
Available: 3205MB
Free: 995MB
(I took these over about 30 seconds time so they probably don't add up exactly - but shows the general usage).

I was considering setting up a RAMDrive, as I discussed with maverick a page or two ago - so that might also affect things as well.

If you don't take into account the cached RAM it's overkill - but if you do then it seems to be worth it. That cache seems like it will use as much free memory as it can, putting more applications and frequently used files into quick retrieval RAM as opposed to the HDD - so it can be quite useful. It really depends how much you use it.

So - what can I say - it might be - I'm happy I have it and that it is the faster DDR1333 RAM. I like the possibility of upgrading to the 16GB eventually as I can see having this computer active for many years and want it as future proofed as possible. Now though that would be total overkill - 6GB though seems pretty good in my normal usage scenario. I don't know how much the cache is helping performance - but it certainly can't hurt.

Sorry I can't be more specific, it would be good if you can find a 4GB vs. 6GB test - but it would be hard to accurately test this without synthetics and would depend on your own system usage patterns.

Hope that helps a bit anyway,


 Posted - 4/25/2010 7:24:43 AM  - Show Profile  Edit Message

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Lappy arrived and all is peachy-creamy. Except.... wireless.
I can't connect to any network. My old one is sitting on the same  table and connects no problem.
And excerpt from the error desctiption:

Information for Connection ID 1
Connection started at: 2010-04-25 20:36:11-209
  Auto Configuration ID: 1
  Profile: Discovery connection
  SSID: mtndsi
  SSID length: 6
  Connection mode: Infra
  Security: No
  Pre-Association and Association
   Connectivity settings provided by hardware manufacturer (IHV): No
   Security settings provided by hardware manufacturer (IHV): No
   Profile matches network requirements: Success
   Pre-association status: Success
   Association status: Fail 0x00038002
   Association reason code: 0x00000002

Do you have any knowledge here?? I did reinstalled drivers, got latest ones, etc, and still the same. I could see in the hardware manager, that "Micrisift Virtual Wireless" had some problems, and ONCE i got short connection when I was deinstalling this Microsoft thing. Now it is installe dwithout error, but still no connection...

Any ideas? I would greatly appreciate....

BTW - I still got the faster memory, but from Hyundai, not Kingston. :)

 Posted - 4/25/2010 10:20:04 AM  - Show Profile  Edit Message

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Sorry, do not speak English, so I'll use Google trductor.

I write this and I hope will be of interest. Using the "SetFSB" I managed to overclock my Asus G51jx.

Comment that this is not the PLL (clock generator) correct, do not know if it can be worth something harmful, such as PCI-E speed or spread spectrum, since the PLL is actually a picture of a Pentium 4.

You have to leave the bar to a minimum as shown in the picture, and as the RAM goes well, I used to relax the CPU Teweaker latencies.


More info in spanish http://foro.noticias3d.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=326335

Last Edited By - Rodolfeo on 4/25/2010 10:38:00 AM

 Posted - 4/25/2010 2:04:47 PM  - Show Profile  Edit Message

Site Administrator
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Hey Rodolfeo,

I don't think SetFSB lets you overclock - I think it is just changing the Multiplier/enabling TurboBoost. But, as always, I could be wrong - you can try re-running the test without your SetFSB overclocking and see if it acts the same - and check out the Multiplier ratings - on the first pic it was 12x and the second 20x I think.

Hey Buber,

Is the other computer also Windows 7? Besides updating the drivers, if you can change the settings on the router itself that might help - turn off security, see if you can connect, if so turn it back on but broadcast on a different channel, that sort of thing. That would be what I'd try first before anything more drastic.

Hope that helps,


 Posted - 4/25/2010 3:27:17 PM  - Show Profile  Edit Message

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@Buber  Try the Fn+F2 or whatever the wifi key is.
It will look like its enabled but unless you do the fn key to enable it it wont connect.

 Posted - 4/25/2010 4:32:43 PM  - Show Profile  Edit Message

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Core Speed = Bus Speed * Multiplier

Normal Mode: 1600Mhz = 133.3 * 12

Extreme Turbo: 1695.3Mhz = 141.3 * 12

SetFSB: 1760Mhz = 146.7 * 12

 Posted - 4/25/2010 4:55:20 PM  - Show Profile  Edit Message

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Thanks guys!

Funnily enough, it seems that my old WiFi better than the new one... :)
Lappy sits by me now, nicely connected... I may be looking into this Inyel 6300 upgrade...

That was really funny for me - such a simple solution... :)

Thanks, and sorry for bothering!

Rodolfo - how stable this overclocking is? I don't want to hack teh bottom of my laptop, and I don't intend to run all those fans - after all, then is stops being portable, so you could as well have a desktop... Just thinking aloud....

 Posted - 4/25/2010 5:25:45 PM  - Show Profile  Edit Message

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The overclock is stable in the CPU, but not the RAM, to make stable the RAM I have to change the latencies with CPU - Tweaker 1.4.

I have a desktop, but I need a portable and powerful. The entire system, cooler, laptop, mouse, Zboar Fang, pad, charger, etc, fit in my backpack.

Last Edited By - Rodolfeo on 4/25/2010 5:46:28 PM

 Posted - 4/25/2010 5:58:51 PM  - Show Profile  Edit Message

Site Administrator
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Hey Buber, np, lol, I was thinking of suggesting that then I thought - nah if it worked once and then stopped that it couldn't be that easy - but sometimes it still is - glad you got it working . Good job MrK .

Awesome Rodolfeo - I'll have to give that a shot - nice pics, very cool cooling system - having it all open like that = awesome . It'd be great if you can do a benchmark with temp logging + ambient to know just how cool it is with both that excellent case mod, cooler, overclock and everything. Definitely a nice job .

Looking at the benchs you posted, looks quite good in terms of the temps w/o the OC, though it'd be good to know the ambient temperature as well . I wonder how high it can go with Turbo Boost on a single core !

Certainly not something to do when on the road - but if you're at home with it sitting on your desk, there's nothing saying you can push it to the max .


 Posted - 4/25/2010 6:34:39 PM  - Show Profile  Edit Message

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Ambient Temperature 25ºC.

The ambient temperature is about 25 º C.

After 1 hour playing GAMER Warhead in 1600x1024, no AA DX10 CPU OC (1.6 @ 1.7, 2.8 @ 3Ghz) and GPU (@ 610/915/1560 550/900/1323), these are the results:

72 º maximum GPU temperature (usually was at 69 º) and 59 º C the hottest core CPU.

Gigaflops Normal Mode:

Gigaflops Extreme Turbo:

Gigaflops OC FSB:

The temperature drops about 10 ° in both CPU and GPU with the MOD.

Normal mode:

1 Core  133,3*21 = 2800Mhz
2 Core  133,3*18 = 2400Mhz
4 Core  133,3*12 = 1600Mhz

Extreme Turbo:

1 Core 141,3*21 = 2967,3Mhz
2 Core 141,3*18 = 2543,4Mhz
4 Core 141,3*12 = 1695,6Mhz


1 Core 146,7*21 = 3080,7Mhz
2 Core 146,7*18 = 2640,6Mhz
4 Core 146,7*12 =  1760,4Mhz

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